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Weddings Exposed

The Venue
The Venue

As it goes with every wedding – days,months and sometimes years are spent planning, dreaming and escaping from the daily mishaps and stresses to plan a fantastically whimsical or sometimes quite eccentric day!

The following words are for brides, grooms, mother-in-laws-to-be as well as photographers. Its based on weddings done over the past decade – things you learn, mistakes you made and chances you take! These are my own perceptions – be it things I keep in mind during the day.

Time allocation: One of the trickiest issues to put across – time allocated to certain aspects within a wedding day.

The venue for reception: Usually attempt to photograph this as soon as there is a table ready (an hour before meeting the bride – the morning) Allows me 30mins to relax and get into the mood of the day. I will focus on wide shots of the entire venue (inside and out) then also close in on table settings and macro work. Best time of day as there are no guests on tables and cake will also be available (to photograph of course).

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