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Close up
Close up

Photoshoot with Luzaan! One of my shoots with the Fujifilm X-T1 earlier this year! 56mm teamed with this system has given me zero issues – never missed a shot! Light weight machine makes working all day long such an easy task!

Model: Luzaan Preston

Photographer: Mardee Maree

Camera & Equipment: Fujifilm South Africa


Close up



Darrell Fraser
Darrell Fraser

Photoshoot of Fellow Photographer – Darrell Fraser

Tested out the Fujifilm XF 50-140 F2.8 lens! which was fabulously pin sharp from F2.8!

Colour and contrast is amazing! Truly in its own league! As always used the Fujifilm X-T1!

MUA: Maureen Grobler

Photographer: Mardee Maree

Lighting the three images above: Elinchrom Ranger pack with 70cm Beauty Dish to my left of the model!Shooting at 200mm @F2.8


Weddings Exposed

The Venue
The Venue

As it goes with every wedding – days,months and sometimes years are spent planning, dreaming and escaping from the daily mishaps and stresses to plan a fantastically whimsical or sometimes quite eccentric day!

The following words are for brides, grooms, mother-in-laws-to-be as well as photographers. Its based on weddings done over the past decade – things you learn, mistakes you made and chances you take! These are my own perceptions – be it things I keep in mind during the day.

Time allocation: One of the trickiest issues to put across – time allocated to certain aspects within a wedding day.

The venue for reception: Usually attempt to photograph this as soon as there is a table ready (an hour before meeting the bride – the morning) Allows me 30mins to relax and get into the mood of the day. I will focus on wide shots of the entire venue (inside and out) then also close in on table settings and macro work. Best time of day as there are no guests on tables and cake will also be available (to photograph of course).

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Fields of gold

vinettePhotoshoot with Vinette at #DeltaPark in #jozi

Day was windy, and around midday – so needed to make use of either full sun, or the shade created by the old trees in the park!

Fujifilm X-T1 and 56mm F1.2

Vinette’s D&A model page: D&A Models – Vinette Schulze

Images to the right: first image was shot with the sun from behind, from a lower angle – with wind from behind!

Second image was with direct light trickling through the trees to give a more contrasted black and white image!

Vinette Schulze


Nicole WockePhotoshoot in #jozi working with Nicole Wocke & Gavin Marsh

Natural Light as always! Throught a window with Face detection and the Fujifil X-T1 and 56mm F1.2

Shot at F2 and ISO 200 @56mm

Love to hear your comments or questions regarding such lighting. As it isnt always an easy focussing to achieve, as well as dealing with reflective surfaces.

Nicole Wocke

This image to the right was captured shooting at F1.2 shooting with the rising sun directly behind the couple – the warmth, focus and depth of field is what makes the image appealing.


In the shade

Elena Pappas

Photoshoot in #CapeTown with Elena Pappas from #IceGeneticsCT

Using the natural light in a smidgen of shade, I was able to achieve some portraits – showing off the toning, colouring and sharpness of images straight out of camera!

These photos were shot at between F1.2 and F2.8 at ISO 200 with the Fujifilm X-T1 paired with the 56mm F1.2