The Leader of the Mirrorless Revolution


In the battle that rages, burning film and pillaging shutters – a true hero will emerge.
One who holds his glass high, dreaming of sweet emulsions, whispering promises of a clearer, crisper future. A stroll through his mind will conjure up images of saturated landscapes and the sweetest of bokeh – trickling its way through the trees. Golden beads of light washing across his sensor, breathing life into images. Light glinting off his graphite armor arouses the senses as it drapes along the clean lines of his body.
He is the X-T1, Leader of the Mirrorless Revolution.

Almost leading upto a year using this wonderful extension of my imagination! And could not be happier!!!
I wont be spurting out specs of this dynamite package…Explaining why I have chosen to put my future in the hands of FUJIFILM’s X-T1 went far beyond that.

The quality and functionality was what sold me, coming from a full frame DSLR kit, it made my life lighter as well easier to maintain.
The biggest positive for me was the EVF – being used to shooting through the lens via a pentaprism and mirror on the old DSLR’s had a few downfalls – especially shooting directly into the sun!


As with the image on your right – you see exactly what you are capturing… through the viewfinder – meaning, your contrast, white balance and exposure! – YES EVEN EXPOSURE – thus meaning changing the shutter, ISO or Aperture gets changed live in the viewfinder! doesnt that seem to cancel out quite a few test shots??? knowing exactly what you will be getting, before you press the shutter? LOVE IT!


The images to your left are to portray the depth of field and clarity in tones achieved by this amazing camera and lens combo, – it was completely natural light shot at F1.2 ISO400 and 1/800 shutter with 56mm F1.2 lens.

Things I would like to mention is the ability to change WB (white balance) on the fly, without needing to take your eyes off the viewfinder, and then seeing the changes live, along with the colour shift,all without missing a beat!.

Due to shooting RAW/JPEG simultaneously, I often shoot Black and white straight off the bat. Afterwhich i can easily revert to colour in post processing. I can thus change my toning or filter options and worry far more about toning that previously – also seeing that image with those tonings makes the world of difference!

I often find myself falling in love again – merely listing what made this camera so compatible to my style of shooting!

So I will talk you through taking the following image, just to compare how we used to capture images – in the X-T1less era!


We decided to use this area as the light was flooding through the windows on a late afternoon – had an image in mind with shallow depth of field, and soft light filling the one edge. lifting the camera I find the exposure being a bit dark (as seen through the EVF) changing my shutter to accomodate, i see the image perfectly exposed, by bressing the Q-button, I can also change my shadow tones and highlights seperately (not only contrast, which would destroy the image) The image looked slightly warm in to me, so changed the WB to a cooler kelvin – pressed the FOCUS ASSIST button that zoomed in automatically to the area of focus, so i could see the focus on the eyes. then I pressed the shutter – got a 0.5 second preview inside the EVF of the image, and was completely happy!

So in nutshell, took one image, which I knew the image was exactly as I wanted it! ONE SHUTTER RELEASE.

Let us all no longer suffer from X-T1lessness!!

This will be an ongoing review!!!

This is after the FIRMWARE UPGRADE to 3.0:

High shutter speed of 1/32000 – useful if you want to use the lens wide open at F1.2 in the bright outdoor sun.
Shutter Sound – which can be completely muted for areas like a wedding ceremony that you want it silent.
Classic Chrome – To add to the plethora of colour renditions currently on the camera, allows a subdued feel.
Natural live view – allowing you to view the untouched and unfiltered image live through the viewfinder
AF/MF function – at a touch of the focussing ring you can adjust the focus as it automatiocally will switch to MF
Q menu changes – allowing you to add extra function to the quick view menu!
60p, 50p, 25p , 30p and 24p – all available to give you all you want out of the video functionality
Manual video control – lets you choose your ISO before shooting, and change shutter and aperture during filming


12 thoughts on “The Leader of the Mirrorless Revolution”

      1. I here you on that! There’s so much buzz around this camera and the ‘mirrorless revolution’. I’m somewhat glad I never owned any truly heavy pro kit now… my old S5700 and Nikon crop sensor 16 megapixel set me up nicely to progress to the X-T1. I’m definitely excited to get my hands on this camera!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Very true… but at least with my old S5700, there were no additional lenses and other kit involved… whew! (My Nikon is another story!) I expect everything it (S5700) can currently do to be completely superseded by the X-T1.

        Liked by 1 person

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