Hit It!

Kick it!
Kick it!

Photoshoot with Caileigh Stap – Fitness of Spartans.

Very standard setup in a way of lighting – the kick was assisted through the use of a bare bulb flash from behind the model, as well as in front to her right through large beauty dish. and of course some chalk to make the shot a bit more interesting!

Camera Equipment as always Fujifilm X-T1 and the 56mm F1.2 – Fujifilm X-T1

Model: Caileigh Stap

Make up: Stephanie Saskia

Photographer: Mardee Maree


Lighting of next 2 images – also a combination of bare bulb, and a warm/high wattage tungsten setup. always nice playing with warm and cool tones.


Crunch it!
Crunch it!

8 thoughts on “Hit It!”

  1. Great site and outstanding shots! I’ve been checking out the Fujifilm X-T1 for a little while now. I did a post and will do more about my older Fujifilm camera and the great shots I’ve been getting with it now that I’m using it again. (The ‘chrome’ option is insane!) I’m all kinds of intrigued by the X-T1 and see it as my next camera. Your shots just confirm what a great choice this powerhouse, mirrorless baby is!

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      1. The low light performance is a nice bell in my ears! It’s one thing my old Fujifilm camera’s not to good at, seeings how it’s lower spec’d. I’m OK with it though. It’ll just make getting that X-T1 all the sweeter!

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